Nourishing Destiny Presents  

The 12 Organ Energy Systems

A 12-Week Online Module & In-Person Experiential Immersion 

August 3rd - October 22nd, 2020

Frustrated with your own ability to change habitual behaviors & lifetime patterns?

Dealing with a chronic condition for which you're seeking a path to resolution?

Concerned over the progress of your clients?

Do you intuitively know you can help your clients but need a new map to do so?

Looking to take on a new lens in relating with others both professionally & personally?

We explore the missing piece in health and wellness: our capacity to exponentially heal.

Nourishing Destiny's stand-alone module educates, informs, and empowers quantum healing. The 12 Organ Energy System is a typology character model to understanding the dynamic relationship between the function and consciousness of our physiology to promote health and vibrancy at an accelerated rate. This lens is the marriage of science and consciousness derived from the deep knowledge of Chinese Medicine, the wisdom of Taoism, and the application of energetic medicine. These modalities are symbiotic in the way they use the principals of the natural world to explain the dynamics of our inner workings. 

Using the organs as our teacher opens us up to receiving the unique bounty of individual expression and essential nature found in us all. Through this study we come into new relationship with contrasting orientations and multifaceted perspectives. The 12 organs are governed by the 5 elements. Tapping into this philosophy allows us to explore how the organs and elements interact with each other, expanding our capacity to understand how they can enhance or deplete; as well as how they foster and nourish each other. Awareness of the organ's physiology and consciousness in its function, through the window of the elements, we bridge the energetic, the physical, the persona, and our essential nature.

In service to your professional life, this lens can be implemented across various modalities, vocations, and occupations. Understanding the character-persona of the person you're working with means that you can speak to their nature, creating the opportunity for those you work with to feel seen and heard.  In this way, you will be able to match their energy, see their innate capabilities, and create synergistic relationships. Ultimately, creating a roadmap for observable somatic change. Weaving relational components, as learned in the 12 Organ Energy Systems, creates a more harmonious and productive capacity to work towards successful transformation. 

Throughout this course you will gain practical tools and applications to immediately integrate into your personal work and professional life. This is a practical and functional training with a relational aspect which can be translated into the art of relating and solution oriented communication. 

During this time of world reorganization, how are we shifting our perspective, our communication, and our evaluation of our interpersonal dynamics to create lasting change? Are you ready to step into this circle of ancient wisdom and the future of healing as we navigate this shift in humankind? 

You Will Learn


~ Develop your knowledge of the body systems as a framework to observing imbalance in our psyche & biology  

~ Learn unique characteristics of the organs & elements & how they are expressed in ourselves & others  

~ Acquire multiple perspectives to utilize this wisdom as guide into self healing 

~ Understand character development as reflected in the physiological function & nature of the element & organ 

~ Observe & understand each elements way of processing & expressing information 

~ Explore the voice behind symptomology which informs what is being asked to be addressed & accelerate the healing process 

~ Embody the greater wisdom of your own unique essential nature & what is necessary to balance areas of deficiency & excess

~ Enhance your capacity to understand and appreciate the differences between peoples & the varied expressions of the human experience 


Esther Cohen, MS., R.D., Author of The Alchemy of Nourishment,  is a Functional Nutrition Therapist, medical intuitive, author, and pioneer in the field of energetic medicine. Founder of the Seven Bowls School of Nutrition, Nourishment, and Healing as well as the Nourishment Education Foundation (501C3) and she has taught at numerous educational institutions. She is an educator and healer serving clients and students, researching improved healthcare outcomes & exploring for more than 35 years. Esther weaves ancient theories of nourishment with modern modalities as a way of healing dis-ease in the body. As a thought leader she has a worldwide following constantly learning and growing through the people she works with and the world with which she interacts. She is passionate about connecting our somatic experience into an active expression of our essential nature. 


12 - Week Online Organ Energy Module

Lecture on Mondays 3-5pm MST & Thursdays 11-1pm MST

Q&A on Fridays twice per month from 10-12pm MST

August 3rd - October 22nd, 2020

  • Tuition: $2595

  • Paid In-Full Pricing: $2395

Course includes 72 hours of teaching, Q&A sessions, & three personal sessions 

with Esther to explore your organ & elemental expression

  • * Deposit of $300 required for enrollment
  • Payment Plans Available! 


In-Full Payment 

Deposit Options

Introduction: a 1-Day Immersion*

August 1st, 2020 in Lyons, CO

  •  $50 (includes coursework and lunch)

Culmination: a 5-Day Immersion*

October 28th - November 2nd in Lyons, CO

  •  $775 (includes food, lodging, and coursework)

  • * Please note that the Introduction and Culmination in-person immersions are dependent upon the global state of affairs concerning safety and wellbeing.
  •  We are respectful of every individuals right and need to operate during these times under their own discernment, thus attendance is optional. 


Cancellation Policy 


Cancellations 2 Months Before Start Date: Refund administered minus a $150 processing fee

Cancellations 1 Month Before Start Date: Refund administered minus a $500 processing fee

50% refund after 1 month. However, if the unforseen occurs, you may use your paid balance towards a future offering.   

All cancellations must be received in writing via email sent to alchemymanagement27@gmail.com 

Please do not call to cancel your registration, as we need a written record of this request.