Nourishing Destiny: Awakening


April 7th, 2019
Sunday Workshop
Time: 10am-6pm

Location: on the magical land West of Blue Mountain, nestled against The Little Thompson River in Lyons, Co
Includes: Organic, seasonal & local lunch, snacks, and herbal infusions as refreshments throughout the day
*ALL drinks and foods will be cooked/created by Esther Cohen

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Spring is a time of volatility, the earth dances between the extremes of weather as she pulses with new life. How can we prepare our bodies, minds and being as we transition into this terrain of expansion? Let us look forward to this time, where the rhythms and wisdom of Spring call us into alignment with her vitality, by tapping into the intiuitive knowing of our being as we synchronize with the changes around us.

It’s time to live into the dreams that you have cultivated throughout the winter. Translated in the organ system: the kidneys hold our will and the liver is the director to show us the way. The path to healing is a journey- a pathway which leads to a Nourishing Destiny of health, wellness, integration, and embodiment.

Together we will cultivate a garden where you become the manifestor of your inspired desires. Lets us foster the sacred through Nourishing Destiny.

We will be guided through the following to aide us in our journey from seed-to-sprout:

– dance & embodiment practices
– nature meditation/ tea sit
– walks in the wild to connect with your inner wilderness
– information on spring cleanse and detox applications through food as medicine
– re-wilding our spirits using nature as healer
– opening windows of new perceptions on how we perceive wellness and our relationship to the earth
– un-patterning the emotional and mental baggage through the gateway of the physical body
– body awareness and body-sensing to embrace our physical forms as divine vehicles
– understanding the consciousness of the governing organs of the Spring time (the Liver and Gallbladder)