Podcasts with Esther Cohen

In this Q&A with cookbook author and intuitive healer Esther Cohen we will talk about creating a warm and connected holiday for yourself and your loved ones. Join us for a lively and soulful conversation about transforming your table into a loving space for deeper nourishment and connection this season, and year-round.

Witchy Wellness Radio: Episode #94

Sense What Your Body Needs with Esther Cohen


  • Esther’s backstory on how she got to doing the work she does today

  • How To Go Beyond Classical Thinking About Food and Sense What Your Body Needs

  • The Alchemy of Nourishment

  • The mind/body connection

  • How physical symptoms have an emotional or metaphysical root cause

  • The Relationship Between Nourishment and Healing

  • The Benefits of Eating Seasonally

  • And so much more!

Low Tox Life: Episode #255

The Alchemy of Nourishment with Esther Cohen

Ever wanted to develop a deeper understanding of food and ourselves through the foods we eat? Today we explore intuitive eating with nutritionist and herbalist Esther Cohen and I promise you, you will feel less anxious and doubtful in your relationship to food if either of these is currently in your psyche. We talk: 

  • Growing up with the wrong nutritional start
  • Social pressures from media and culture in our teens and young adulthood
  • Disordered eating – warning signs, ways to move through and beyond it
  • Intuition and knowing when it’s the ‘good kind’ and not cravings from dysbiosis
  • Eastern philosophy and food and what the west can learn from the 4 directions
  • Energetics of food and how we can look at physical symptoms and the foods we’re eating, make tweaks and help the body find balance. 
  • How the gratitude we bring to food can ensure it’s well received, even when not ideal.
  • Cultural foods and how the answer lies in traditional cultures to find our road back to health.
  • Card carrying eating – how our diet orientation and labels stop us from eating for the planet and deep healing and health in the body and mind
  • The key things that will bring us back into balance and regeneration, body and planet.

It is such a rich conversation about food and Esther imparts so much wisdom. I hope you love it. 

Esther Cohen, MS, RD joins us today to discuss Nourishment and Embodiment. How do we nourish ourselves with things other than food? We are consuming and digesting more than just food, but also our environment and our experiences. It's so important to be more present and mindful of the moment we're in so that we're more nourished by it, whether it's spending time with family or simply enjoying our food to it's fullest. But we also need to have freedom from food so that we can make conscientious choices.

Food Experience Unplugged: Episode #73

Proof The Alchemy of Nourishment is Exactly What You're Looking For


  • The energetics and consciousness of nourishment and dis-ease
  • Body sensing and regenerative eating
  • Bringing agency back to health and healing
  • Wild Contemplation reflections and resonance in the natural world to heal our inner world body and being to discover our soul path