Nourishing The Life That Feeds Your Soul

Nourishing The Life That Feeds Your Soul 

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“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”

~Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumier

It is with great honor, humility and joy that I present to you my magnum opus - “Nourishing Destiny: the Inner Alchemy of the Soul’s Journey”.  A program which is the culmination of my life’s education and experience through the many realms of this world.

How can we harness the wisdom of our minds, the energy of our hearts and the intuition of our gut to guide us on our individual paths of living our truth? How can we relate to community in a new way so that we may thrive, rather than merely survive? How can land stewardship, permaculture and togetherness alchemize to be relevant in this technical age? How can we not only meditate, but activate through our mindfulness, consciously, in every moment?

These are the questions our souls are yearning to answer. It’s not about going back to the way things were, it’s about bringing an embodied vision of how we move forward into the future.

I offer a tool box of the different languages of body wisdom and healing, from science to mythological architecture. May we drink of the deep well of knowledge together through dance, ritual, cooking and being the great stewards of both our internal and external landscapes. My love is rooted in teaching, a gift that I am elated to share. The time has come to share this body of work with you, my dearest community and beyond.

This program will serve everyone on the path of conscious evolution and enhance all aspects of your life, both personally and professionally. It’s a way to show up authentically for ourselves so that we may gather the tools to better serve those we work for, heal and interact with in everyday life. Now is the time that we step forth into our unique genius and accelerate the full-spectrum of our human capacity to thrive.

It begins with us.

It begins within.

Below is the outline of this 12-month endeavor into the self. Please share with others if you are called and come to me with any inquiries you may have. Cost, details and dates to follow.

In Gratitude,


“For life we need three things only: nourishment, love, and peace.” 

~Debasish Mridha

Nourishing Destiny the Inner Alchemy of the Soul’s Journey is a “living school” where we teach through the Art of Embodiment. It is an educational experience that fosters connection to self, community, the natural world, and spirit, to live authentically into your soul’s unique calling.

In spring we will embark on a journey of the Soul. Through the exploration of ancient traditions of the East and West, we study the lifestyle and esoteric teachings of traditional cultures by learning their nourishing wisdom and healing practices. Movement, exercise, food as medicine, and sacred rituals provide the foundation for practices of quantum healing and the art of stepping into our truest self. We dance from the inner rhythms of our emotions to the pulse of the earth, toning our structure with grace and fluidity, re-awakening our connection to self and the Wild.  We learn to deeply listen to the wisdom held within our body and the innate consciousness that is infused in our physical being to conjure the deep patterns yearning to be reconciled.

Transforming our Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Energetic body.

The Buddha said ”our body is our vehicle for awakening, treat it with great care.”

Therefore we must tend to and cultivate our bodies; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, so that we may create space for our soul to thrive.

For the physical body:

  • Understanding the fundame​​​​ntals of nutrition and processes of metabolism
  • The Dietary Basis for 21st century disease, Life cycle nutrition, cleansing detoxifying, food energetics, and cooking.
  • The psychology of eating, our intimate relationship to nourishment
  • Herbal medicines and plant spirits
  • Transformational body usage, structural emotional integration exercises
  • Dance of embodiment, movement as a map to explore emotional nature

For the mental body:

  • Consciousness of our physiology, listening to the voice of symptoms
  • The wisdom and conscious expression in our organs, endocrine and chakra systems.
  • Exploring our elemental nature, life cycles, 5 elements, 7 stages of healing

For the emotional body:

  • Unraveling the mysteries of our personal stories
  • Understanding our DNA through our ancestral blueprint, perceptions and biology of belief
  • Sacred roots of healing, holding a container for grief, death and dying

For the spirit body:

  • Shamanic journey and dreams your personal spirit guide
  • Nature as healer, re-wilding your inner experience
  • Mindfulness meditation practices. Conscious eating
  • Nourishing practices
  • Vision Quest

Together we embrace the alchemical paths of the healer, teacher, guide, and cook; to build a foundation of embodied wisdom that serves as a map to the conscious evolution for ourselves and our community. We are apprentices, to the Alchemy of Nourishment, learning the art, science, and magic of living an abundant sustainable life.

This 12 month online and onsite program is an immersion into a full spectrum of subjects from nutrition to the esoteric. Once a month individual phone sessions with Esther, support your unique process throughout the program.  Weaving together the un-integrated parts of ourselves and gathering the resources of your Soul’s destiny to manifest with ease.

Unique nature + Soul Expression = Life’s Purpose

We provide the most advanced Functional Nutrition with the wisdom of Eastern Medicine, the Wise Woman tradition, Intuition, Energy and Herbal Medicine; to create a focused experience that is personalized, life changing and brings you results. This program provides you with the knowledge, the tools and the support personal evolution through the physical, emotional, and spiritual body bringing these gifts into your personal expression and professional life.

Who this program will serve

If you are seeking a new expansive way of living in connection to your body, your essence, your relationships, and the natural world, while eating, being and experiencing life in a vibrant body you love – one that cultivates the finest expression of your soul’s essence, this training is for you. 

Anyone who desires to be free of unconscious beliefs and patterns that create masks of guilt, shame, and negative self worth, that want to manifest a new body, mind and being, resonant of your true radiant self.

For those who wish to embody their soul skin, and enjoy the riches life has to offer. It will be of benefit to all professions, not only for your own personal evolution but these tools can be utilized to enhance occupations from entrepreneurs and business professionals to counselors, therapists, and health care practitioners.

Winter Restoration

Now is the time to return to health. Following the holiday season it is the ideal time to nourish yourself with a 10-day body-cleansing plan full of nutrient-rich broths, deliciously warm soups, and personal practices that recharge your natural energy and drive.

The Winter Restoration is available this season to support you in restoring your physical balance

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In Good Health,