Nourishing Destiny Presents  

The Consciousness & Function of the Neuro-Endocrine System: 

Where the Visible Meets the Invisible

A 2 Month Online Module or In-Person Immersion 

Starts October 3rd, 2021

Frustrated with your own ability to change habitual behaviors & lifetime patterns?

Dealing with a chronic condition and seeking a path to resolution?

Concerned over the progress of your clients?

Do you intuitively know you can help your clients but need a new map to do so?

Looking to take on a new lens in relating with others both professionally & personally?

We explore the missing piece in health and wellness: our capacity to exponentially heal.

Our inner being is intimately connected to our experiences of family, culture and society. Herein lies the origin of dysfunction and disease, and the entance point of Energy Medicine. Energetics is the vibrational resonance, nature, and quality of everything. From the types of foods we ingest and the environments we live in, to the relationships and conversations in which we engage- all make an impression, and have an impact on, our physiology and psychology. These subtle influences are at the core of Energy Medicine. When we learn to work with Energy Medicine we step into the realm of epigenetics, consciously choosing to express from an adapted place, moving above our genetic imprint into embodied and evolved living.  

explores the conscious application of our emotional intelligence through the energetic body.  This module will dive into the depths of our body's consciousness as expressed through our neuro-endocrinology, epigenetics and intuition. Students will access the subtle language of the energetic matrix, learning to “see” intricate behaviors, which govern personality traits, and understand ways to re-pattern and release “stories” held within the body. The nervous, endocrine and immune systems; the Biology of Belief; the subtle energetic body; and the brain are just some of the many subjects covered in this latest module. This body of work is a powerful tool to unlock trauma, stored patterns, and their physical manifestation in the body for substantial change in physical, emotional, and mental well-being, for personal evolution and professional application.

Accessing the subtle language of the energetic matrix, we will learn to “see” intricate behaviors, which govern personality traits, and understand ways to re-pattern and release “stories” held within the body. In doing so, the energetic body is strengthened, bringing self-awareness, resolution, cohesion, and healing to our being.  In this way, we unlock the authentic self to nourish our destiny and the path to our soul’s work, making conscious the process of change and transformation; from awareness, through resolution, to action. Upon certification, students will learn how to integrate these tools to apply directly to their profession.

This module ties together Western theory and Eastern philosophy to create a unique educational system which translates the quantum field of “past life”/future projections and how they govern our habits and direct our daily choices. By uncovering our true human nature, and to be witnessed in that vulnerable truth, we see with crystalline clarity our beingness. Mindfulness and self-observation are the keys to demystifying our unconscious beliefs and behaviours.

Through science and energetics we explore the consciousness of the nervous system in relation to how it protects or inhibits balanced states of health. Neurotransmitters, and their effect on brain chemistry, behaviour, and mood, are profoundly linked to our emotional states and the choices we make in our lives which either encourage or discourage states of well-being. The brain, with its capacity as a dual processor and the ambassador of the nervous and endocrine systems, creates two distinct paths: that of survival and that of creation. The relationship of our thinking center to our identity provides background study of the psychology of symptoms, giving voice to the unconscious. Thus, we can see how our emotional constitution informs our physical manifestation.

You Will Learn


  • - Unlock codes of patterning in the physical body to understand the expressions of imbalance.

  • - Learn tangible ways to un-cover patterns that govern our neuro-pathways and memories that are built into our cellular matrix

  • - Understand the voice of the symptoms behind our complex and unconscious coping behaviors.

  • -Tap  into the innate consciousness infused in the physical being, building a map to conscious evolution which can be applied to ourselves, our community, and those with whom we work in our occupations. 

  • - Discover the functions of the 3 Brains (Gut, Heart, & Head) and how they direct our sympathetic, parasympathetic, and autonomic nervous coordinate as our expression of self.

  • - Effectively work with the fluidity of our mood experience and engage the parasympathetic response to slow-down into responsive living. 

About the Nourishing Destiny Program

Nourishing Destiny is a Certified Intuitive Wellness Counselor program designed to holistically  integrate and understand the four bodies, the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual, of the human experience. Learn to listen and facilitate the language of each by becoming a translator of the body's intuitive wisdom to heal. Through the exploration of ancient traditions and modern science, Nourishing Destiny is a curriculum centered around self-reflection, mindfulness, intuition and insight. Through deep listening we become interpreters of the body's wisdom to unravel and heal patterns, beliefs, and personal traumas that underlie illness. Nourishing Destiny’s goal is to provide a curriculum which blends the most advanced Functional Nutrition Therapy with the wisdom of Eastern Medicine, Intuition, and Energy Medicine to create a focused experience that is personalized, insightful, and life-changing. 

Nourishing Destiny will serve anyone who desires to be free of unconscious beliefs and patterns, while stepping into a new experience of living. This program will  benefit all professionals, as the tools are a means of interface to deeply understand  the world around us. Nourishing Destiny can be applied to a vast and diverse number of occupations from entrepreneurs and social workers to counselors/therapists and health/ wellness practitioners.


Esther Cohen, MS., R.D., Author of The Alchemy of Nourishment,  is a Functional Nutrition Therapist, medical intuitive, author, and pioneer in the field of energetic medicine. Founder of the Seven Bowls School of Nutrition, Nourishment, and Healing as well as the Nourishment Education Foundation (501C3) and she has taught at numerous educational institutions. She is an educator and healer serving clients and students, researching improved healthcare outcomes & exploring for more than 30 years. Esther weaves ancient theories of nourishment with modern modalities as a way of healing dis-ease in the body. As a thought leader she has a worldwide following constantly learning and growing through the people she works with and the world with which she interacts. She is passionate about connecting our somatic experience into an active expression of our essential nature. 


Into The Depths of Consciousness: from Invisible to Visible

Lecture on Mondays & Thursdays from 3 - 6pm MST

May 3rd - June 24th, 2021

  • Tuition: $2295

Course includes 60 hours of teaching & Introduction Weekend Immersion

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In-Full Payment 

Deposit Options

Introduction: a 1-Day Immersion*

May 3rd, 2021 from 9:30am-6pm MST in Lyons, CO

Included in module pricing (covers food + coursework)

Wild Contemplation Summer Equinox*

Spirit of the Plants Gathering Ritual & Medicine Making: $15 material fee

  • Sunday June 20th 10am-5:30pm MST

Wild Contemplation: a 4-Day/3 Night Immersion*


Not included in tuition. Cost TBA (covers food, lodging, and coursework)

  • *All lectures will be recorded and available for students*

  • * Please note that the Introduction and Culmination in-person immersions are dependent upon the global state of affairs concerning safety and wellbeing.
  •  We are respectful of every individuals right and need to operate during these times under their own discernment, thus attendance is optional. 


Cancellation Policy 


Cancellations 2 Months Before Start Date: Refund administered minus a $150 processing fee

Cancellations 1 Month Before Start Date: Refund administered minus a $500 processing fee

50% refund after 1 month. However, if the unforseen occurs, you may use your paid balance towards a future offering.   

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