COVID-19 Internal Environment


Prevention is in How We Cultivate
Our Internal Environment

Hi, Im Esther!

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Just prior to the spread of the coronavirus I began teaching Nourishing Destiny the art, science, and magic of healing in the 21st century.  The series began with a canvas through the history of health and healing throughout human evolution. This set the foundation for the exploration of what is health, how we heal, and what new perspective is necessary to fully embody our humanness in the 21st century.

I want to share with you a profound turning point in the history of medicine, which I feel can support us to find new ways of approaching healing during this time of a world pandemic.

In the 19th century, two renowned French medical scientist presented very different paradigms to understand the treatment of disease. Both of which are very relevant today.

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) microbiologist established the "germ theory" whereby disease, is caused by infectious microbes that impair organs and metabolic function. This became the basis for the use of antibiotics and vaccines to quell systemic bacterial and viral infections.

Claude Bernard (1813-1878) a physiologist argued for the importance of balance or homeostasis in the body's internal environment. Bernard believed that the "consistency of the interior environment is the condition for a free and independent life." He postulated that the body becomes susceptible to infectious agents only if the internal balance is disturbed. This is the basis for establishing a strong immune system.

Bernard understood that there are billions of microbes inhabiting our whole body and wondered why some would sicken while others would not. He postulated that the "environment is everything", leading him to explore what made some individuals a welcome host and thus receptive to the disease, while others who were also exposed to the contagion remained healthy. 

It has been said that on Louis Pasteur's death bed he recanted his germ theory and said it is all about the terrain.

In the 21st century developmental biologist Bruce Lipton  (1944) opened up another perspective on the nature of illness through the exploration of the "Biology of Belief, The science of how thoughts control life.” Here he states that environmental and psychological factors have a greater impact on our immune systems and thus our health, than one’s genetic predisposition.  He explains his observations through the organicity of the cell. Organicity is the assumption that organic living systems have self-intelligence with the capacity to be self-organizing, self–directing, and self-correcting when all parts are communicating with the whole. Our ancestral behavioral patterns, traumas, and unconscious beliefs play a major role in organicity, and thus the expression of disease.

In all of these approaches, the maintenance of health involves conscious attention to life-style, nutrition, recreation, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing to weave a nourishing environment within which to flourish. In the coming weeks as we ride the tides of Covid-19, it is important to feed our mind, body, and spirit, with nourishing wisdom and practices to establish a resilient environment.  Both our internal and external environments have become polluted; the foods we eat, the air we breath, our lack of understanding and acceptance of social diversity and our political milieu. We have become toxic.

I believe Mother Earth is shaking us up to bring health back to our environment, our world and to wake us up to a new way of thriving with one another. Shedding old cultural beliefs and practices to open a doorway and allow a new feminine paradigm of connectivity and creativity to blossom.

While we shelter in place it is a perfect opportunity to detoxify and cleanse our bodies, environments, mind and spirit. Join me in the spring cleanse so together we sprout new buds of clarity, strength and possibility.