Book Release! Wild Contemplation: Journal of Embodiment

We are so very excited to announce the official book release of Wild Contemplation: Journal of Embodiment! It's available for purchase online using the link below! Today only (Friday, July 16th) we are offering a Book Release Special – $3 off plus free shipping!

Wild Contemplation is a unique wellness journal that invites you to step into a raw, intimate and supportive experience with your sensual body and the elemental world. This beautiful journal takes you on a 21-day exploration through a variety of exercises and contemplative practices that offer new ways of viewing and experiencing yourself and the world around you. 

COVID-19 :  Prevention is in How We Cultivate Our Internal Environment

In all of these approaches, the maintenance of health involves conscious attention to life-style, nutrition, recreation, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing to weave a nourishing environment within which to flourish. In the coming weeks as we ride the tides of Covid-19, it is important to feed our mind, body, and spirit, with nourishing wisdom and practices to establish a resilient environment.  

Fasting Part 2: Intermittent Fasting, A New Lens

It’s common to arrive at the idea of fasting from a standpoint of weight loss. But, how exactly does that happen? Insulin and sugar are the major players here. Insulin functions to move sugar from the blood into storage centers (liver & muscles). When we intake food, insulin levels spike, telling the body to store whatever sugar is coming in, into the liver or muscles...

Fasting Part 1: Down to the Basics

We live in a fast-paced time with rampant information at our fingertips and troves of references across the internet. When fast-fad diets and intriguing new health crazes bubble to surface, we are naturally inclined to see what it’s all about...

Begin the New Year Nourishing your Desire

May 2019 unfold as a year of prosperity, health, and a profound shift in our capacity to embrace our humanity and open our hearts and minds to new perspectives and possibilities. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to improve our diet...

Nourishing The Life That Feeds Your Soul

It is with great honor, humility and joy that I present to you my magnum opus - “Nourishing Destiny: the Inner Alchemy of the Soul’s Journey”. A program which is the culmination of my life’s education and experience through the many realms of this world...