Begin the New Year Nourishing your Desire

Begin the New Year Nourishing your Desire

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be
seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

~Helen Keller

May 2019 unfold as a year of prosperity, health, and a profound shift in our capacity to embrace our humanity and open our hearts and minds to new perspectives and possibilities.

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to improve our diet, health and abundance, but the problem is that after 2-3 weeks we lose our momentum and that first force enthusiasm, and drop off the new program.

I’ve changed how I orient my goals and intentions, rather than resolutions, I focus on a theme to embody the changes I desire -  2018 was the year of the dance!   With that theme as my directive, I participated in as many dance classes, workshops, even nights of dancing in my living room. For me dance was a profound healer, emotionally, physically, and without a doubt became a spiritual practice and meditation. I had no idea how it would inform and effect my life.

The difficulty with most New Year’s resolutions is that they typically don’t achieve the change we are looking for. In fact studies show that only 8% of people who make New Years’ resolutions actually achieve them. For most of us resolutions give way to old habits within 3 weeks. Another aspect of these studies shows that we actually get addicted to the cycle of inspirational highs and lows of failure. It becomes a mental pathway in our brain lit up by dopamine, the same high effect we receive from sugar or cocaine. Once the motivation fades, the perceived failure often enhanced by negative self-talk, gives our brain the message that something is wrong, activating the stress hormone cortisol. What’s interesting is that one of the effects of cortisol on the brain is to derail willpower while amplifying cravings for sugar and carbs. Thus the cycle of inspiration and failure runs amuck, preventing you from reaching your desired outcome and often creating the opposite of the intended outcome.

What makes a difference in your success? 

Connecting to your original desire, giving voice to your soul’s knowing while embracing your unique path and purpose in this lifetime.  Here are a few ways I can help with that discovery. 

First and foremost ask the question: What truly nourishes me? Observe your activities, relationships, and foods with a curiosity to notice your heart and body’s response. Do they enhance your being or diminish your energy?

Get in rhythm with your life’s cycle. We all move through a 9 year cycle, each year offering the energy and cosmic blueprint of that numeric significance. Here is how to know where you are in that cycle and what the numeric energy offers as your support.

Take the numeric day and month of your birth and add that to 2019. (each number singularly)

For me July 9 is 7+9+(2019)+2+0+1+9=28 Then add the 2+8=1 add to get a single digit.

My number is 1, the beginning of a new 9 year cycle. Numerical significant below:

"The science of numbers deals with the living force of the
divine faculties in action in man and the universe."

~Juno Jordan

One, number of action, the vision of what is to be, followed by courage and will to move into the unknown, exploring, inventing. Creating with dynamic force. Unlimited opportunity is present to at the head of a work or undertaking.

Two, peacemaker, diplomacy, an extrovert and gatherer of facts, partnership and selfless giving, Brings many together affairs of business, community and home. This is a time to build harmonious relationships, while learning patience, cooperation and sharing.

Three, the number of inspiration, creative ability and artistic expression opens the door for personal expression. Needs freedom to delve into feelings, ideas, and imagination, turning the impossible into the possible.

Four, establishes the material and form for ideas to manifest in concrete ways. Establishing practical relationship to facts. An urge from the heart to make things real. Order and application, careful and cautious.

Five, represents activity, public life and the unexpected. The number of progress and growth finds happiness and success through work and interests. A time for travel, entertainment, sports. May be a time of restlessness so time to make changes!

Six, seeks harmony, duty and responsibility. Opportunity to do useful and humanitarian work. Time to settle down into money-making and affairs of the home, children and love. Time to live through the guidance of the heart, conscientious with strong convictions.

Seven, receive the rewards of the 6 year. An introverted year to explore soul yearnings the power of the unseen, and the knowledge and understanding of the deeper forces of life. Time to develop the thinker and mystical sides of life rather than world events.

Eight, a time of ambition, courage authority, and power to lead by example. Bring organization and efficiency to projects. To bring the infinite and finite into harmonious relationship. Balance wisdom and intelligence without prejudice.

Nine, a culmination and completion. A universal lover that inspires and assists, bringing kindness and patience to all activities. Explore art and beauty. Working towards a higher purpose to build community and be of service. Travel and fulfillment come as gifts.

Inner Alchemy 30 Days of Practice

Inner Alchemy: 30 days of  Inner Inquiry and Nourishing Practices. 

This gift is my way of saying "thank you" and giving back to this community.  30 days of Inner inquiry will support your new years’ intentions and provide a framework for authentic inquiry that opens a doorway to manifest your inspired desires.

30 days of Inner Inquiry is  a prelude to my new offering Nourishing Destiny the Inner Alchemy of the Soul's Journey.

This new offering will come in my next newsletter. Stay tuned!!

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Together, let’s manifest our capacity and ingnite our Soul's Journey in 2019

Winter Restoration

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