Nourishing Destiny: Radiating

 One-Day Workshops on
Blue Mountain Alchemy in Lyons, CO
Offering: July 13th, 2019 

Summer is a time to connect to your wild, soul-spirit and allow it to radiate from the energy of fire. This summer element beckons us to cling to what's right and make it bright! The heart will be our guide into our feeling and sensuous centers to immerse in wild abandon.

Step into the circle of mystery as we explore a day of learning in this fully immersive ritual workshop. Together we will interface with the wilderness; engage in creative ceremony, learn from the plant spirits to ignite our unique medicine; and dance in ritual theater to connect with the fire of the soul and radiate our creative gifts out into community.

Together we will delve into the depths of our inner fires and explore the terrain of our radiant selves.

We will be guided into a journey from Awakening to Radiating:

Delve into the consciousness of the Heart which governs the summer energy
- Delight is the waters of the Little Thompson River in the gorge of Blue Mountain
- Walk in the wild to connect with your inner wilderness
- Nature meditation & tea sit
- Connection w/ Plant Spirits
- Refresh in a sacred evening Maya flower bath ritual
- Opening windows of new perceptions through the sensual body
- How to ignite your spirit of fire
- Dance & embodiment practices

Camping on The Land is optional, complimentary and encouraged! In doing so, use of the infrared sauna and hot tub and continued connection through the night as you rest your bones from the long day is all available to you. 

Cost: $147 ($109 if registered by July 5th)
Time: 10am-10pm
Location: on the magical land West of Blue Mountain, nestled against The Little Thompson River in Lyons, Co
Includes: Organic, seasonal & local lunch, dinner, snacks, and herbal infusions/drinks as refreshments
*ALL drinks and foods will be cooked & created by Esther Cohen

This workshop is an excellent introduction for all those who are interested in the year-long
Nourishing Destiny program