Nourishing Destiny: Radiating

 One-Day Workshops on
Blue Mountain Alchemy in Lyons, CO
Two Offerings: June 23rd & July 28th, 2019 

Welcome the season of fire!  Joy, expansion, maturity, and the inner child rule this yearly rhythm, beckoning us to open our hearts and radiate our manifestations out into the world. The elemental energy of fire clings to and makes bright all that is right and worthy. Inversely it also incinerates the the extraneous excess, destroying what is not needed. The burn of summer can be felt as a romancing warmth or a scorching inferno meant for inspired energy or unplanned movement.

Summer is a time to bask in the fruits of the glorious plans and actions you have followed through with in the spring. Translated in the organ energy system: the heart expands into the vastness of joy as the kingdom of our body and feeling center; and the small intestine assimilates and discerns, allowing only what is needed to be deeply nourished.

Together we will delve into the depths of our inner fires and explore the terrain of our radiant selves.

We will be guided into a journey from Awakening to Radiating:

Understanding the consciousness of the Heart & Small Intestine which govern the summer energy
- Delight is the waters of the Little Thompson River in the gorge of Blue Mountain
- Walk in the wild to connect with your inner wilderness
- Nature meditation & tea sit
- Connection w/ Plant Spirits
- Refresh in an evening Maya flower bath ritual
- Information on summer cleanse through raw food as medicine
- Opening windows of new perceptions through the sensual body
- How to ignite your spirit of fire
- Dance & embodiment practices

Cost: $107 ($82 if registered by May 31st for either or both)
Time: 10am-7:30pm
Location: on the magical land West of Blue Mountain, nestled against The Little Thompson River in Lyons, Co
Includes: Organic, seasonal & local lunch, snacks, and herbal infusions/drinks as refreshments
*ALL drinks and foods will be cooked/created by Esther Cohen

This workshop is an excellent introduction for all those who are interested in the year-long
Nourishing Destiny program