A Wilderness Retreat in the Escalante of Utah



JUNE 18TH - 23RD, 2020

In these times of great confusion and dissonance

we are called to remember who we truly are -  

to embody and empower our soul's wisdom. 

Amongst the noise of the external,

 offer your senses the opportunity for respite and regeneration 

within the silent seed of self. 

Step into the timeless beauty of the Escalante 

 reclaim our vitality to germinate the potential of your fullness.

REWILDING is a healing journey -  

cultivating and nurturing our innate relationship to self and the natural world.  

Quest into authentic presence to propel the heart of vibrant living.

There, we discover the blossoming of your soul's song. 

 Deepen our capacity to listen, both inside and out.

Explore the dynamic relationship to the elements and how they live within us.

Experience sacred reciprocity with the earth through ritual and ceremony.

At its root, REWILDING provides a nourishing exploration 
of what holds us back from authentically living
and sharing the gifts our soul longs to bring to the world.


This experience will gift you:

  • ~ The art of nature as healer ~ 
  • ~ Extraordinary farm-to-table, organic food to feed our wholeness ~
  • ~ Reconnection to our soul’s purpose ~
  • ~ Tools to facilitate deep self-care ~
  • ~ Intimacy with the wilderness to welcome lost pieces of our soul home ~

Nourishing Practices:

  • ~ Dynamic embodiment through dance, yoga, and hiking ~
  • ~ Ceremony in Community & Ritual in Nature ~
  • ~ Expansion of our capacity to care for ourselves ~
  •  ~ Mindful traditions to bring presence to life as ritual ~

Supportive Elements:

~ Optional Ayurvedic body work (Abhyanga Oil Therapy) ~

~ Edible landscape exploration and plant-spirit medicine ~

 ~ Open trails and waterfall on site for the wandering heart ~

~ Pristine environment: dark skies, clean air, & pure water ~



At the heart of Southern Utah’s richest geographies lies Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch (BMGR) -  an oasis nestled in the extraordinary Painted Desert of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument between Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon National Parks. The reclusive nature of the Utah wilderness is most illuminated in Boulder, Utah, where BMGR is home to some of the purest waters, the darkest skies, and cleanest air. This land offers an unparalleled natural container which soothes the nervous system, restores our connection to nature and invigorates the soul. 

Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch was created as a sanctuary for nature, where the human imprint is about stewardship and synchronicity with the natural rhythms of cycles of our planet. Permaculture farming and sustainable environmental practices are cornerstones of BMGR. Working with the land by implementing conservation efforts and rejuvenative measures yields a rich and vibrant space where all can explore the abundance and depth of the self. 

To experience this container on the land of Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch is a privilege, gift, and honor. This ideal location provides great depth for those seeking greater connection to ourselves, to each other, and our world, paving the way for the expression of our soul's longing.


Esther Cohen MS.R.D. is a functional nutrition therapist, medical intuitive, pioneer of energetic medicine, & ritual artist in service to those she works with to reaching their highest potential through the art of nourishment. At REWILDING Esther will weave her multidimensional approach to healing with the intelligence of nature to create containers which facilitate the deep exploration of our soul’s longing. In the healing arts for over 30 years, Esther offers a wealth of knowledge to be felt by the heart, experienced by the body, and known in the mind. Her integrative approach to life as a container, meant to excel our capacity to heal, encourages deep resonance with the healed self by tapping into the wisdom of our cells. There, we can regenerate our cells, recode our ancestry, and step into the most embodied version of our being-ness.


Sabrina Dokas is a hand-holder, container-creator and student of the Ayurvedic Sciences. The focus of her work is to bring self-care to the forefront of how we relate to ourselves and the world around us by sourcing from the deep well of knowledge held in the body.  Sabrina encourages the Source-erer within to emerge by sharing the ancient flame of Ayurvedic Wisdom she holds.  She will be leading the daily yoga classes as well as a special detox class where we will pair the ancient practice of abhyanga (oil therapy) with the physical practice of vinyasa and yin yoga. Endlessly amazed at the bravery of humanity during this time, Sabrina looks forward to the playful and fierce vulnerability of those stepping into the container.


All prices are per person and include accommodation, organic,

farm-to-table meals*, hot tub, swimming pond, and course tuition for the week. 

50% deposit is required for registration.

Payment in Full is Due by April 20th.

Single Room, Shared Bathroom - King** 


Single Room, Shared Bathroom - Queen** 


Double Room, Shared Bathroom - Twin 


Triple Room, Shared Bathroom - Queen


Triple Room, Shared Bathroom - Twin 


Pop-Up Camper


Tent Camping


*We will share a meal at Hell's Backbone Grill which is not included in meal pricing

**Couples Pricing: Add $889 to bed price of choice


Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch is exquisitely located in the remote landscape of Southern Utah. Please be in communication with us on how we can assist transportation. The cheapest airfare will be from out of Las Vegas, accommodations accompanied by a beautiful 5 hour drive through the Canyon Lands of Utah. The closest airport is flying into Cedar City, where the scenic drive is 3 hours. 

Accommodations (In Full)
Accommodations (Deposit)




JUNE 25TH - 28TH, 2020

Getting in touch with our wild nature

is an essential part to developing our vision, tenacity, intuition, and self-compassion.

 Delve into the deep canyons of the self and explore the heights of our potential

By seeing our wild nature reflected in the raw landscape, 

we gift ourselves the opportunity to reconnect to our innate relationship to the natural world.  

By deepening our understanding of how to listen to the wisdom of your body,

we empower the purpose of our soul's longing. 

REFLECTIONS IN NATURE is a quest for the wild heart. 

As stewards of our bodies, we will uncover the language of the soul through story, mythology and archetypes in the

 birthplace from which they were inspired - the raw landscape of The Mother. 

Listen to the timeless stories of the rocks, trees, wind, and water. 

These times call us to remember who we are,

to nurture and build a community of radical belonging.

 It’s time to awaken our wild essence and step into our soul's deep work.

This is our inheritance. 


Moab is an ancient and timeless beauty; a surreal landscape which humbles us into the reality of how massive the capacity of nature is to carve formations and sculpt earth. In the quiet of the desert we are better able to listen to ourselves and the pulse of the earth yearing to whisper to our being. 

Located along the banks of the Colorado River, Upper Onion Creek Campground offers sweeping vistas of Fisher Towers and Castle Valley. This is where we will call home and adventure to super formations like the Titan, Delicate Arch, and the entirety of Castle Valley are just a stone's throw away. Upper Onion Creek is off the beaten path and away from the tourist noise of central Moab, allowing for a true settling into the wild architecture and majesty of Moab National Park.  



Esther Cohen MS.R.D. is an intuitive, pioneer of energetic medicine, ritual artist, & avid out-doors woman with miles of raw landscape beneath her feet.  At REFLECTIONS IN NATURE Esther will draw upon the intelligence of nature to create personal interface with the natural beauty of the Moab wilderness to reflect the wild we hold in our hearts. A former professional chef an having published her own nourishment and recipe book, The Alchemy of Nourishment, Esther will be cooking, over open fire, intentional meals, sharing her practices for mindful nourishment.  Her integrative approach to life as a container, meant to excel our capacity to heal, encourages deep resonance with the healed self by tapping into the wisdom of our cells. In this immersive camping experience, Esther brings us a layer deeper by taking us into the raw unknown of Utah's landscape. 


All prices are per person and include accommodation, organic meals,

and course tuition for the week.

50% deposit is required for registration.

Payment in Full is Due by April 20th.


Bundle Option:

Gift yourself, this summer solstice, in a year unlike any other.


When experienced together these retreat opportunities build upon one another for a

deep immersion with the many variations of the self, the wild, and the

discovery of the soul's longing.


(this price applicable to those who are signed up for REWILDING)  





Cancellations after March 1st: Refund administered minus a $150 processing fee

Cancellations after April 1st: Refund administered minus a $500 processing fee

Cancellations after May 1st: No refunds. However, if the unforseen occurs, you may use your paid balance towards a future offering.   

All cancellations must be received in writing via email sent to alchemymanagement27@gmail.com 

Please do not call to cancel your registration, as we need a written record of this request.