Please enjoy these Testimonials and Case Studies

General Testimonials

“My son’s rare blood disorder resolved the day after Esther treated him! I would recommend her to anyone in need of physical, spiritual, or nutritional balance.” ~LN

“Esther Cohen seamlessly integrates her various expertise to meet your healthcare concerns. She complements and enhances any healthcare method you are pursuing by providing sound advice in nutrition and supplementation, while using energy medicine to address mind/body/spirit issues often overlooked in conventional western medicine. If you want to feel better and are wondering how, go see Esther!” ~SM

“Esther Cohen is an extremely talented nutritionist and intuitive healer. She helped me through perimenopausal issues, and guided my recovery from pneumonia in just one week. She balanced my son’s allergies to soy, and my other son’s emotional adjustment issues at school. I have seen her improve people’s health in ways that are nothing short of miraculous. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to live a healthier, more balanced life.” ~EN

“Esther’s seasonal cleanses have changed my life. The meals are wonderful and you never feel deprived. The first time I followed the cleanse diet my doctor had to decrease the dosage of my thyroid medication the same dose I had been taking for 20 years! In addition, both my husband and I lose weight while cleansing. It’s amazing to eat more than we usually do and still lose weight.” ~SK

“Hi Esther, I did a six hour cooking class on Saturday where I did not have a chance to sit even once and the last time we taught this same class I was in tears walking to my car as my back had been spasming for at least two hours and took another two days for me to recover! This time I felt good enough to run errands for two hours afterwards and was sore Saturday night but not in pain!! The work we did on Thursday really helped, there is less pressure in my spine therefore much less pain and tightness. I look forward to seeing you next Thursday, Thank you!” ~KS

Cleanse Testimonials

“As an aging athlete, I love the energy and improved recovery that I experienced during the cleanse program. I had no idea that what I eat can have this profound an effect on my physical and emotional well-being. Learning to listen to what my body wants in order to be strong and healthy is a gift that has changed my life.” ~ Betsy G, Louisville, CO

“I did the 21-day cleanse and it was everything you said it would be: more energy and calmness. And on day 8 my face rash, which I have had for over a year, really toned down and is continuing to heal. After five days, I would not have stopped with the improved feeling of self and energy. To regain my self discipline and sense of health was worth all the juicing and brewing. Now I am embracing most of the program even after the 21 days!” ~ Jim N., Boulder, CO

“I was amazed at how vibrant and alive I felt by the end of the program! I have done it twice, and many of my food sensitivities and gut issues have healed. Plus, I lost about 7 pounds every time I did it, and continued to lose weight almost effortlessly after it was over! Now I incorporate many of the cleanse elements into my daily life; I love how this cleanse lends itself to that, instead of being strict and impossibly virtuous for two weeks, and then you just fall off the wagon and go back to your usual patterns. I have done that a LOT…but this time I was able to use your program to reconstruct my eating habits and my whole attitude towards nourishing myself. Thank you!!” ~ Elaine J., Niwot, CO

“When I read the emailed flyer about a Fall Fortification and Immune Enhancing Cleanse upon my good friend’s insistence, my first thought was, “That’s about the last thing I want to do!” Recognizing that everything about it sounded like something good for me that I should be doing, but already feeling like I had so many shoulds in my life, I wanted to run the other way. Very fortunately, I didn’t. My second thought was, “If not now, when?” And I’ve gotten pretty good at listening to my second thoughts.

So onward I went into this journey with Esther Cohen, who had lead 10 years worth of cleanses, and soon it became something I wanted to do for myself each day, not something I should do. I poured over the pages of information in her Alchemy of Nourishment book, riveted by what I was learning. I felt completely guided and hand held as it was easy to read, easy to follow during the cleanse with daily and hourly instructions, and had complete recipe suggestions to boot. Not only was I bouyed by the support of close to 20 other women involved in the cleanse, but I got to attend 3 fabulous evening programs with so much learning and personal “ahas” about my own nutrition as well as an incredibly delicious dinner prepared by Esther. The recipe portion of Esther’s book was worth gold in and of itself. Using many of her flavorful and wholesome recipes during and ever since the cleanse, Esther is now vicariously the most popular person in my household. Did I mention she is also a chef?

My whole family now eats healthier, more savory meals on a regular basis, with her nourishing smoothies as snacks in between.

Although the cleanse was 3 months ago, I have continued working with Esther on my own health issues, and I literally feel like a new person. I have so appreciated her balanced, gentle approach to my healing, and I can’t say enough about the results!” ~ Heather VerWys, 47, Boulder, CO