The Seven Bowls School

The Seven Bowls offers certification as Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist, Energy Medicine Wellness Coach, and Professional Health Chef. Our program provides in-depth experiential education into the art, science, and energetics of health and healing. Our curriculum builds a strong foundation in traditional healing practices, science, and nutrition. This knowledge is advanced through the study of Functional and energy medicine, intuition, movement, and structural integration. East/West philosophy, herbalism, cooking, gardening, lifestyle, body awareness, and emotional nourishment provides each student the skills and tools necessary to implement this wisdom into daily practice. The curriculum embodies the innovative field of Nutritional Psychology, drawing from principles of Nature Cure, the Wise Woman Tradition, Shamanism, as well as the Allopathic, Oriental and Ayurvedic disciplines.

The program design is based upon the seven directions of the Medicine Wheel of Nourishment. This design is symbolic of an individual’s journey to find his/her own path of healing. Together, we explore the dynamic workings of the human body, mind and spirit using nourishment as our vehicle. This program constitutes a re-education from the theoretical, linear learning model to an experiential, multidimensional orientation, where theory merges with experience and comes to life. While our minds may grasp concepts and ideas, it is through our senses that we interact and connect with the world. Only through our bodies can we truly feel that link and know that connection.Throughout the program students are engaged in a parallel process: one follows a course of self-exploration and self-healing. The other prepares one for professional opportunities to collaborate with other health practitioners as a Integrative Clinical Nutrition Therapist, Energy Medicine Wellness Coach, and/or Professional Health Chef. Together they encompass a journey directed toward a client’s own optimal health.An ancient proverb states, “Man does not live by bread alone.” When we nurture the soul, life is rich, happy and awake to its full potential. In modern times, while we hold higher standards for physical care and comfort than ever before, we generate as much disease. In this time of abundance we suffer from over-nutrition, even as we hunger insatiably for some deeper connection (with people, purpose, nature and spirit). “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”
Nourishment encompasses all that sustains the needs and development of body, mind and spirit, not only to maintain life, but to enrich and enliven our being. It is that which we are instinctively driven to seek, and is that which satisfies the sensual through taste, touch, sight, sound and smell.
Nutrition, a living matrix of essential nutrients, is a delicate balance, which promotes homeostasis and vitality. Our personal relationship to nutrition – how and what we eat – governs the quality of our nourishment and how it supports our physical health. Potentially every food, thought, impression and experience is nourishing for our being. Through the Seven Bowls program students study how each choice affects one’s state of health and well being. The student undertakes a program of self-study in order to contemplate and develop a deep understanding of one’s relationship to food, nutrition and nourishment.
The Seven Bowls program incorporates the study and application of Eastern, Western and energy healing philosophies. Furthermore, by integrating movement exercise, and body awareness, as well as intellectual, emotional and intuitive practices, the student learns how to move through a process of change so that he/she can facilitate lifestyle changes for future clients. We continually ask the question: How is the physical manifestation of food transformed into the substance that builds, maintains and restores every cell, every emotion, and every action in our being?

“…our three basic needs for food and security and love, are so
mixed and mingled and intertwined that we cannot straightly
think of one without the others.”
– M.F.K. Fisher

“Don^t feed both sides of yourself equally. The spirit and the
body carry different loads and require different attentions.”
– Rumi