The Winter
Restoration Program

10 Days to Vibrant Health!

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Does winter have you feeling overweight, overwhelmed and sluggish?

Maybe you feel …

  • Chilled and disheartened with the winter blues.
  • Sick of carrying around all that excess weight so long after the holidays.
  • So stressed out caring for everyone else, you barely have time for you.

You’re not alone. When life is busy — especially in the cold winter months — it’s all too common to pay the price through lack of sleep, poor nutrition and missed exercise.

Unfortunately, all this leads to a less-than-optimal you that can last all year long.

Introducing the 10-Day
Winter Restoration Program

This is the ideal time to nourish yourself with a 10-day body-cleansing plan full of nutrient-rich broths, deliciously warm soups, and personal practices that recharge your natural energy and drive.

Imagine how delicious it’s going to feel when …

  • You lose your winter weight naturally, without hardly trying. So you look and feel years younger.
  • You’re free of food cravings. And you’re easily feeding your body what makes you feel your best.
  • Your mood swings are a thing of the past. Instead you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident.
  • You’re filled with energy. And you feel light, flexible and free.

“I struggled with severe bouts of diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome for years. Some days I literally could not leave my house. Then my doctor recommended removing part of my colon. Before taking such a drastic step, I decided to start brothing. Every morning, before eating anything else, I drink 1 cup of warm, nourishing broth. It sounds like such a simple thing. But the effect it’s had on my digestive system (and my life) has been phenomenal.

Not only did I avoid surgery, I'm almost symptom free. And I have more energy than I ever had before.”

M. McGrew - Boynton Beach, FL

Ready to feel revitalized with fresh energy
to plant seeds for new life in the spring?

Your 10-day Winter Restoration Program Includes:

  • A 80-page Winter Restoration Ebook loaded with day-by-day guidance, nourishing practices, and delicious recipes for soups and stews. One visit to the store or your local butcher and you’re good to go!
  • 10 day supply of supplements from Designs for Health to support and enhance the liver and colon detoxification pathways.

Optional Additions After Purchase:

  • Probiotics +$30
  • Herbs for infusion +$25
  • 30 minute private consultation +$50


Downloadable audio-recording of a live 45-minute Q&A to give you
insider tips and answers to your most commonly asked questions.

About Esther Cohen, Founder of The Alchemy of Nourishment

estheredited-4A pioneer in the field of the Psychology of Nourishment, Esther is a registered dietician, a gifted energy healer, and a master herbalist who’s well known for her
dynamic approach to health and wellness.

As a sports nutritionist, she’s helped elite athletes exceed their performance goals through individualized nutrition programs combined with expert coaching to help them overcome anxiety.

Now she offers her unique healing system to individuals world-wide. It integrates Western and Eastern healing modalities, functional medicine, energy healing, herbalism, shamanism, and a psycho-spiritual approach to disease and dysfunction.

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Winter Restoration Program

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