Esther’s Bio

“Health is when there is no distinction between living and living the life your soul longs to live.”

    – Esther Cohen

Esther Cohen M.S., R.D., I.C.N.T., B.P.

Esther is a true “soul-talker,” an intuitive healer who combines an understanding of modern science with ancient wisdom, quantum physics and energetics. She activates the vibrations and frequencies of the subtle body, helping her clients to heal the energetic and ancestral blueprints of dis-ease. She represents a true marriage of the physiologic with the esoteric and psycho-spiritual.

Esther is a passionate teacher of embodied living and soul integration. She teaches her students and clients how to activate the inner alchemy of their own body-wisdom and enliven their feeling-selves without creating a more reactive emotional body. She inspires and empowers people to take back agency over their own health by understanding how the consciousness held in their organ systems influences their physical, mental and emotional symptoms and vice versa.

A pioneer in the field of nutritional psychology, Esther’s teaches that nourishment is more than just what we eat, it is everything we ingest, from our food, to the music we listen to, to the interactions we have with others. The higher the quality of everything we ingest, the more efficient we become in our integration, assimilation and utilization, creating less strain on all of our body systems.

Esther is a self-taught chef and creator of hundreds of easy to prepare delicious recipes to prevent and eliminate disease conditions. Her new book Alchemy of Nourishment: The Art, Science and Magic of Eating is more than just a cookbook, it is a recipe to thrive.

Esther Cohen is available to speak on the following topics:

  • Cooking Classes in Culture and Cuisine
  • Food as Medicine and Wild Foods
  • Taking Responsibility for your Health and Medicines from the Earth
  • Transformational Body Usage and Authentic Movement
  • Death and Dying, Giving Back (3 day retreat)

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