Fall 2016 Immune Fortification and Detox Cleanse

Living a Vibrant Life From the Inside Out

Fall 2016 Immune Fortification and Detox Cleanse

Tools and Practices for a Lifetime of Well-being

It is time to Cleanse and nourish your body and soul with nutrition therapist, holistic life coach, intuitive energy healer Esther Cohen. Esther has led many through this deeply nourishing cleanse program for over 10 years. This is an incredible opportunity to create your personal retreat and “come home” to your source of wisdom, delight and energy.

Contact Esther for information on doing the cleanse remotely alchemyofnourishment@gmail.com

Reconnect to your deepest self and learn new tools to detox stress, strengthen immune function, regulate blood sugar, improve mood, lose weight and enhance overall wellbeing. Luxuriate in selfcare, feast on delicious food, yes, even while cleansing, and continue with your daily routine.

Boost your immune system and discover a deeper sense of clarity and alignment. This cleanse is for people who want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve energy
  • Diminish inflammation
  • Relieve joint pain
  • Strengthen adrenal function
  • Wake up refreshed

In only three weeks you won’t believe how energized and clear you feel! You can change much in a short time like this participant;

“I’m feeling really well. This cleanse has helped me so much. I was truly addicted to sugar and artificial sweeteners. I felt exhausted all the time and I wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep! Even though I was sleepy during the day, my night sleep was very disrupted. After doing this cleanse I have so much energy. I actually WANT to exercise and eat healthy. I’m sleeping better at night and I never want to nap during the day anymore. My healthy food choices have become habit replacing all the processed foods I was eating. I feel happier and more in control. I feel “cleansed” inside and out!” — K McKinley

Distance cleanse and teleclass October 2015

Cleanse package : $227 plus shipping
In person retreat (includes cleanse package) $349.00

Optional supplements:

  • Medical food cleanse powder, $65
  • Dried herbs for seasonal infusion, $35
  • Probiotic, $32
  • Drainage formula, $28
  • B Vitamins, $20
  • Organic Immune broth 1 quart, $10