Fall 2017 Immune Fortification and Detox Cleanse

Thrive: The Fall Immune Fortification and Immune Enhancing Cleanse

A 14-day immersion into the Alchemy of Nourishment

The Cleanse will help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve energy
  • Diminish inflammation
  • Relieve joint pain
  • Strengthen adrenal function
  • Wake up feeling refreshed

As a participant in the Cleanse you will receive:

  • My book: Alchemy of Nourishment: The Art, Science and Magic of Eating
  • Access to the three-part, live webinar: Understanding Physical and Emotional Cleansing
  • A lymphatic formula to support the body’s drainage pathways
  • A high potency Fish Oil to reduce inflammation
  • My 14-Day Herbal Fall Fortifying Infusion Tea
  • GHI Opti-Cleanse a great tasting cleanse powder to support the body’s detox pathways
  • Medical-grade probiotics to rebuild a healthy gut

Bonus! Participants can receive a 30-minute initial wellness consult with me for only $55

We are excited to offer three ways to participate in the cleanse:

Thrive Cleanse at a Distance:
Sunday October 15th Sunday October 29th
Do the cleanse on your own schedule and connect via webinar.
Only $267, with a partner $397*

Thrive Cleanse in Lyons:
Sunday October 15th and Saturday October 21st
Join us at my peaceful, mountain home for education, yoga and a GR-DF, organic dinner. Return Saturday to be in nature and community for the fasting day. Enjoy a full day of broths, infusions, nourishing practices and yoga.
$367, with a partner $597*

Thrive Lyons Retreat**:
Oct. 19th – Sunday, Oct. 22nd
A truly immersive cleanse experience. Venture to my peaceful mountain home every day from Thursday, Oct. 19th – Sunday, Oct. 22nd. Relax, rejuvenate and enjoy….

  • Home-made, GF-DF, organic meals
  • Infusions, juices, tonics and broths
  • Alkalized water
  • Access to the infra-red sauna and hot-tub
  • Detox yoga, meditation, and nourishing wisdom
  • Immersive experiences with nature as healer
  • Instruction in nourishment and spiritual nutrition practices
  • A health intake and 15m. consult with Esther
  • Massage upon request

$567, with a partner $997*

For more information and to sign up please email: alchemyofnourishment@gmail.com

*Partner Cleansers will receive one copy of the book and one container of the cleanse powder.

**Please email us about accommodations for staying overnight on the land.