Cleanse Package

It is time for the Alchemy of Nourishment Spring Cleanse

You can do this gentle 3 week cleanse from anywhere in the world!

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Spring is the perfect time to shift accumulated patterns, toxins, and shed excess weight. This cleanse is a catalyst that opens the doorway to discover a new you.

This easy-to-follow cleanse is effective, delicious and energizing. The cleanse program balances blood sugars, ignites’ fat burning, diminishes inflammation and eliminates toxins while turning back the clock 10 years on your health! Watch your symptoms disappear, feel vibrant, focused and renewed. This 3 week cleanse will be the start of a new way to enjoy eating and discover what really works best for you. It is a jump-start on the road to optimal health!

Cleanse Package: $197 plus shipping

  • Alchemy of Nourishment
    “The Art, Science, and Magic of Eating” guide to Transformational Nourishment and recipe book
  • Nutritional cleanse powder
  • Dried herbs for spring infusion Homeopathic Drainage formula
  • 3 webinars in May


  • Probiotic 100 billion live organisms, $34
  • Phone/skype cleanse guide and BodyTalk energy balancing $100 forcleanse participants
  • email: to order or for more information