What is often at the root of people feeling “unhealthy” is both psychological and the physical effects of: lack of sleep, poor digestive function evolving the stomach, small intestine, spleen/pancreas, gall bladder and/ or large intestine. This may result in food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, and inadequate protein in the diet, improper estrogen metabolism, adrenal insufficiency and poor blood sugar regulation. Any and all of the above issues can cause the body’s normal detoxification process to become compromised, so a cleanse and rejuvenation program can be helpful to restore the body’s normal function of detoxification. Restoration of normal functioning establishes at healthy digestive system, resolves symptoms, and improves energy. Throughout this process students learn how to support a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

Students learn the detoxification processes of the emotional, etheric, and physical body. Food as Medicine is the focus of the cooking aspect of this class. The Alchemy of Nourishment students will participate in the meal preparation. Dinner, book, and medical cleanse supplements are included.

Cleanse Testimonial

When I read the emailed flyer about a Fall Fortification and Immune Enhancing Cleanse upon my good friend’s insistence, my first thought was, “That’s about the last thing I want to do!” Recognizing that everything about it sounded like something good for me that I should be doing, but already feeling like I had so many shoulds in my life, I wanted to run the other way. Very fortunately, I didn’t. My second thought was, “If not now, when?” And I’ve gotten pretty good at listening to my second thoughts.

So onward I went into this journey with Esther Cohen, who had lead 10 years worth of cleanses, and soon it became something I wanted to do for myself each day, not something I should do. I poured over the pages of information in her Alchemy of Nourishment book, riveted by what I was learning. I felt completely guided and hand held as it was easy to read, easy to follow during the cleanse with daily and hourly instructions, and had complete recipe suggestions to boot. Not only was I bouyed by the support of close to 20 other women involved in the cleanse, but I got to attend 3 fabulous evening programs with so much learning and personal “ahas” about my own nutrition as well as an incredibly delicious dinner prepared by Esther. The recipe portion of Esther’s book was worth gold in and of itself. Using many of her flavorful and wholesome recipes during and ever since the cleanse, Esther is now vicariously the most popular person in my household. Did I mention she is also a chef?

My whole family now eats healthier, more savory meals on a regular basis, with her nourishing smoothies as snacks in between.

Although the cleanse was 3 months ago, I have continued working with Esther on my own health issues, and I literally feel like a new person. I have so appreciated her balanced, gentle approach to my healing, and I can’t say enough about the results!

Heather VerWys, 47, Boulder, CO