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Community Supported Nourishment—CSN


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2. Visit the Cafe Alchemy Website on Sunday, and select your meals for the week.

3. Pick up your delicious meals on Monday and Thursday at your designated pick-up location between the hours of 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. in Boulder and Lyons and between 4:00-6:00 in Louisville.

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What is a CSN?

Welcome to changing the way you think about bringing food home to nourish your family. Leave the cooking to us so that you may enjoy stress-free meals with family and friends. Community Supported Nourishment (CSN) is an affordable member based meal share program. Similar to community-supported agriculture, each member owns their own share in the CSN and receives freshly prepared, locally grown (when possible), sustainably conscious, organic meals delivered to a convenient pick up location twice weekly. Meals are delivered to pick-up locations in Boulder and Lyons twice weekly in reusable glass containers that can be heated in the oven, stored in the refrigerator, washed, and returned for the next pick-up. Learn More

Transforming Body, Mind, and Being Through Real Food and Connection

It is our dream to see:
Eating as the foundation that supports wholeness,
Ritual drawing families together again,
Friends gathering together to nourish the heart, and
Responsible growing and consumption of food sustaining the fabric of community

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