Synchronize your Energy with Boulder BodyTalk Practitioner, Esther Cohen

In addition to being master herbalist, gifted energy healer, and registered dietitian, Esther Cohen is also a licensed Bodytalk Practitioner. Her dynamic holistic approach to health, wellness, and healing integrates nutrition, western and eastern healing modalities, functional medicine, energy healing, herbalism, shamanism, and a psycho-spiritual approach to disease and dysfunction.


BodyTalk Boulder, CO According to the official BodyTalk Website, BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple and effective holistic therapy that allows the body’s energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. Each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, however, these lines of communication can become compromised or disconnected, which then leads to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental well-being. Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body’s internal mechanisms to function at optimal levels, thus repairing and preventing disease while rapidly accelerating the healing process. In this way, BodyTalk stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels.

Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is a powerful consciousness technology that provides for instantaneous and lifelong transformation of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics is a complete system of transformation that produces observable and verifiable changes that can be taught to others as easily as any other life skill. Matrix Energetics encompasses a new state of mind, a new way of looking at the world we live and breathe in, and a new way of reaching out to new possibilities – a consciousness shift.

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