Embody Your Wild Woman

Embody Your Wild Woman

Saturday, May 12th


A 1-Day Transformational Workshop near Boulder, CO

Includes a fully organic lunch!

Our spirits are calling to live a life free of self conscious patterns and expectations. This workshop is specifically calling to those women who yearn to deepen their connection to their wild selves. It is an opportunity to shed the skin of self-control and self-judgement and instead, relish in your sacred, wild nature.

Through the exploration of our inner-wilderness, we will learn to break the bonds of our mother culture. We will celebrate our essential, wild nature – our undomesticated-selves – by moving beyond guilt and shame to self appreciation. We will learn to deeply nourish our soul through connection with the natural kingdom.

Embody Your Wild Woman invites you to immerse yourself in the wildness of the Feminine as tool to self-empowerment. Calling on the wisdom of our ancestors, we will explore the feminine as seductress, maiden, mother, crone, amazon and warrior-goddess. We will give voice to our feelings and expressions of sensuality and sexuality.

During the workshop, we will access our self-truths through dancing the wild divine, ritual, conscious exploration and celebration.

Embody Your Wild Woman is a furthering of Esther’s teachings on embodiment and is a preview of what is to come when she launches her school again this fall!

The workshop will be held on sacred Ute land backing up to untouched wilderness. It is open to women of all ages.

Early Bird Registration Available Until April 18th – CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!