Art Of Embodiment

The Art of Embodiment and Nourishing the Sacred Feminine

A 3-day retreat near Boulder, CO

Our spirits are calling to live a life free of self conscious patterns and expectations. This retreat is about uncovering the beliefs and stories that have held us back and stepping into the person we have longed to become. It is about true nourishment, discovering the diamond in the rough as we open our hearts to embrace the fears and phantoms that stand in our way. It is about going past our internal limits together, shedding our old skin and transforming our perceptions.

During our time together we will establish a practice of nourishing rituals that brings conscious intention and self remembering into our daily lives. Experiencing ourselves as an integral spirit in the web of life fosters appreciation for the sacred in all life. This retreat will enhance our ability to receive information from our body, our intuition and our environment, so we may be responsive rather than reactive. We will celebrate our essential nature by moving beyond guilt and shame to self appreciation. We deeply nourish our soul through connection with the nature kingdom.

Nourishing the Sacred Feminine invites you to immersing yourself in the wisdom of the Feminine as tool to unification. Calling on the wisdom of our ancestors, we will explore the feminine as mother, provider, healer, and goddess and give voice to our feelings and expressions of sensuality and sexuality. Through dancing the wild divine we will embody consciousness exploration with the “earth-body”. Releasing emotions through spontaneous movement opens us to the dance of our spirit.

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