Energy Healing, BodyTalk, and Nutritional Counseling for Boulder, Lyons, and Beyond

The Alchemy of Nourishment is a healing practice located in Boulder, Colorado, committed to nourishing the body, being and spirit. We are registered dietitians, intuitive counselors, nutritionists, and energy healers dedicated to helping individuals discover what uniquely nourishes all aspects of their lives. We respect and honor the diversity and wisdom of all dietary and spiritual philosophies. Our intention is to integrate the art, science and spirituality of food and nourishment, and to bring joy, healing, and harmony into people’s lives.

How can we feed both body and soul?

Nutritionally, we believe that it is time to put the joy back into eating, and to celebrate the cornucopia of delicious, fresh foods that surround us! Rather than stray mired in the endless looping questions of which foods are good, which are bad, and what will I have to give up… The Alchemy of Nourishment would like to reframe the question and ask, what nourishes? We are all searching for what will deeply nourish our bodies and beings. When we ask what nourishes, we open ourselves to a universe of rich and meaningful inquiries. How can we feed both body and soul?

By combining the sound science of food as a medicine and functional medicine with the art of energy healing and intuitive counseling, The Alchemy of Nourishment seeks to facilitate each client’s unique path to greater wellness. Nourishment comes in many forms. We welcome you to come and be nourished through our expertise in nutritional wisdom and energy healing, so that you may take with you deep healing for body and soul.

Meet Esther Cohen!

Click here to learn more about Esther Cohen, registered dietitian, intuitive nutrition counselor, Bodytalk Pratitioner, and energy healer. We also invite you to view our list of services and contact us directly with any questions about our nutrition counseling, cleanses, BodyTalk, and other services.